eLearning Production and Publishing Services

Fast, simple, and effective online training production. We can get your training online and delivered to your audience today.

Do you lack the time or knowledge needed to create and maintain an eLearning curriculum? Rest easy -- we can manage it all for you. So what will my courses look like?


Are you an individual certified trainer who wants to take advantage of eLearning? Reach out to your entire industry.

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Train your employees, save money, and provide an organized curriculum via state of the art, online eLearning courses.

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Compliment your educational curriculum with online and enhanced multimedia eLearning lessons.

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WorkLife Resources is an online learning design and development company dedicated to publishing highly-polished elearning content. We specialize in delivering both corporate and educational elearning classes that are designed to resemble live training, but at a fraction of the cost. WorkLife Resources can efficiently manage, promptly distribute, and accurately track your elearning content. For any online learning design problem you may have, give us a call -- the elearning design specialists at WorkLife Resources can help today!